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Monday, May 7, 2012

Builders at Victory

There is lots of building going on at Victory Primary School at the moment. They are building car parks, classrooms, and a new entrance way. Comans are the building contractors and Berketts are building the car parks.

Victory Primary School Principal, Mr Brown, said there will be three new classrooms for the Juniors. New toilets have just been completed, which he calls Super Loos.

There is now a teacher resource room next to the library which has been completed recently. Mr Brown said there will be a new way to enter the school. The builders have nearly finished some safer places to walk by the carpark.

The builders have finished the whare across the creek. Mr Brown hopes it will all be finished by 23 May. The whole project cost around one and a half million dollars. Some money the school has saved went into it, and some of the money came from the government.

Story and photos by Tahlia, Zontay, Khem and Sam, Samu, William Sang.

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